Meeting Minutes

Date: Thu, Sep 6, 2012 (General Meeting)
Time: 11:00am
Room: Lytle 206

  • D.C. Trip – TONS OF FUN!
  • Bagel/Coffee Fundraiser:
    Oct. 19 LY 130 8-12 $5 — HAND OUT FLYERS!!!
    If you do not have flyers, let one of the e-board members know! We can hook you up with some to hand out and promote in class.
    If you haven’t signed up to help and are interested, let me know! We are taking hourly shifts to hang out and welcome our customers!
  • Bicycle Ride
    6am – 4:30pm
    We get $150 per person!
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt — OUR NEXT BIG FUNDRAISER!
    Be sure to hand out tons of these flyers as well! Again, if you didn’t get any or need more, let us know! WE HAVE PLENTY!
    When: October 26 & 27 ALL NIGHT.
    Where: Allentown – We receive 20% if they mention us! Please stop by and support your organization!
  • Sonya Renee
    When: Oct. 17 @ 3pm
    Where: MSU Alumni Auditorium – spread the word!
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
    When: Oct. 13 – 7:45-2:30
    Contact: Dr. Mace (
  • Canon Call / Challenge Book
    Canon Call: 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 6 pm – Basin Street Hotel

    1. Pride and Prejudice
    2. The Catcher and the Rye
    3. Tender is the Night

    Challenge Book: 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 6 pm – Basin Street

    1. Vertigo
  • Writing Workshop:
    Where: Graduate Center
    When:October 10, 7-9
    October 15 7-9
    November 5 7-9
    December 3 7-9
    December 5 7-9
  • Undergraduate Research Funding AVAILABLE
    Contact: Dr. Forsyth
  • $10 Gift Card Winner
    Laura Karns! Congratulations!

    Date: Thu, Sep 6, 2012 (General Meeting)
    Time: 11:00am
    Room: Lytle 206
    Welcome to English Club!

    • English Club Leadership
      President: Ashley Gartner
      Vice-President: Colby Wolford
      Secretary: John Schiavone
      Treasurer: Moe Weimer
      Parliamentarian: Elspeth Huyett
      Avisers: Dr. Andrew Vogel, Dr. John Ronan, Dr. Jonathan Shaw
    • Goals for the Year
      Challenge Book
      Invite Authors
      Writing Workshops
      2012 Washington D.C. National Book Festival
      Ultimate Frisbee
    • E-Club Technology
      Word Press:
      Facebook: English-Club Kutztown
      Send Friend Request and you will be added.
    • Google +
      Researching this technology.
      May be a good alternative to WordPress.
      Will let you know if we decide to use this.
    • Sigma Tau Delta
      As a member of English Club, we encourage you to join the International English Honors Society. Ask us for more information and/or an application.
      To hold an officer position, you must be a member or have submitted your application.
    • Better World Books
      On-Campus book drive
      National Center for Family Literacy
      Ask for the signup sheet for BWB committee.
    • Calendar of Events
      2012 Washington D.C. National Book Festival
      Sep 22 & 23
      Go to for more information!
    • Cannon Call
      3 Books Per Semester
      Meet at Basin Street
      Fill out your survey to choose the books!
    • Fundraising Ideas – WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!
      Bagel and Coffee Day
      Soft Pretzel Day
      Moe’s Restaurant
      Bake Sales/Dixon SalesFunds are used for…
      bringing in authors
      having an awesome banquet at the end of the year
      YOU CHOOSE! But we need money to do the things we want to do!
    • Thrive for Three
      In addition to regular meeting attendance, members are expected to attend at least three events per semester.
    • Buy a T-Shirt
      $10 (any size)>
    • $10 Bear Bucks Drawing
      As this is the first meeting of the semester, please put in your name/contact information for our drawing!

    Thanks for coming! We are excited for a successful year!

    Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012 (General Meeting)
    Time: 11:00am
    Room: Lytle 206

    • Elections
      Date: Thu, 4/26
      Time: 11am (Free Hour)
      Please nominate those you feel will do a good job for each of the officer positions – President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer. Those holding elected positions need to be Sigma Tau Delta members and can be nominated by sending an email to English Club.Also be thinking of whether or not you want to hold a Jr. Officer position (of which, we have many). These positions are volunteer. You can hold these positions even if you are STD free.

      Serving as an elected or volunteer officer for a collegiate club is another way to boost your employability (in other words: it looks great on your resume.)

    • Writing Workshops
      Date: Tue, 4/24 @ 11am (Free Hour)
      Date: Tue, 5/1 @ 11am (Free Hour)
    • Challenge Book: Infinite Jest Reading
      Date: Thu, 4/19 @ 6pm – Basin Street Hotel
      Date: Thu, 5/3 @ 6pm – Basin Street Hotel
    • Less Challenging Challenge Book: Great Gatsby Reading:
      Date: Wed, 4/18 @ 6pm – Basin Street
    • Frisbee Game
      Date: Sat, 4/28
      Further details to come.
    • Special Olympics
      Date: Sat, 5/5
    • Frisbee/Block Party
      Date: Sun, 5/6
      We had the wrong date for Block Party, so we will figure this out. Maybe we will move the Frisbee game.

    Date: Tue, Mar 6, 2012 (Jr. Officer Meeting)
    Time: 11:00am
    Room: Lytle 206
    First of all, THANK YOU so much for volunteering to step up within the club!

    • Community Service
      • Supervising Officer: Chelsea
        Sarah M, Alysia S
      • Coordinate the “Better Worlds Book Drive” after Spring Break. (Sarah M.)
      • Project with the Strand
        Possibly work out an agreement with them to give them business; maybe go see The Hunger Games when it comes out? (Alysia S.)
    • Fundraising
      • Supervising Officer: Moe
        Rachel K.
      • T-shirts
        Colby will send you the logo in a separate email.
        Design and pricing for 50-ish shirts.
      • Texas Roadhouse. Moe
    • Publicity/Recruitment
      • Supervising Officer: Ashley
        Elspeth H., John S., Anna F.
      • Responsible for advertising events (flyers)
        • First flyer: Less Challenging Challenge Book: John Green, The Fault In Our Stars, Wed, 3/21 @ 6:00pm, Basin Street Hotel
        • Second Flyer: Book Drive (you will receive info once details are ironed out)
        • Third Flyer: English Club meeting dates for the rest of the semester (you will receive info once dates are set)
        • Fourth Flyer: T-shirt info (you will receive info after Spring Break)
        • General Flyer Information
          • If you give 20 flyers to the desk in Old Main, Housing will approve them and send them to the rest of the dorms. This needs to be done a week or so before we need them to be displayed.
          • Green boards – limit of ONE flyer on each side.
          • Lytle – we can help distribute them to professors and pin them on the bulletin boards.
          • One person should design, and the other two can dsitribute/edit. I will send all flyer information to the three of you, and you can decide who will do what. Keep Chelsea CC’ed on the conversations.
      • Chelsea will try to reserve a room for a meeting after Spring Break to discuss progress on individual projects!
      • Some things to be discussed after break: Arbor Day, the next Writing Workshop, and an Ultimate Frisbee game.

      Date: Thu, Mar 1, 2012
      Time: 11:00am
      Room: Lytle 206

      • Officers’ Meeting
        Tue, Mar 6 @ 11:00am LY 206
        This is for officers and those interested in Junior Officer positions
      • Next English Club Meeting
        Wed, Mar 7 @ 6:00pm (Evening Meeting) SUB
      • Next Challenge Book Meeting
        Thu, Mar 8 @ Basin Street Hotel
      • Less Challenging Book
        We are looking for suggestions for our next reading.
        Email the English Club and let us know your thoughts! Currently, we have John Green as a suggestion. We hope to have the book selected before spring break so we can read it over break and discuss it when we return!
      • Storybook Breakfast
        Those involved so far (Chelsea, Sarah, Angelina, Sean, Moe)
        Report time is now 7:00am
      • Fund Raising Ideas
        Texas Roadhouse, Friendly’s?
      • T-shirts
        We are looking for designs! If you have one, send it to our e-mail (see a few lines above)! We want to order these before the end of the year!
      • Writing Workshop
        The last meeting was very successful! Thank you to those of you who come! We are considering making this a weekly thing because so many people have papers due at different times. This will require more help and attendance from you and your friends in your classes! It’s a great opportunity and a really great way to meet new people and get more involved in the club.
        Next Writing Workshop is Tue, Mar 6 @ Library room 107 from 6:00-9:00pm.
      • It’s time to apply for Sigma Tau Delta!
        Lifetime membership fee of $37
        You need to be a member of STD to hold an elected E-club officer position!
      • Possible Community/Club Activities
        Watching the The Hunger Games when it comes to The Strand!
        E-Club Bowling

      Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 (evening)
      Time: 6:00pm
      Room: Lytle 206?

      • EAPSU Conference
        Deadline for Abstracts/Submissions: Pushed back to Fri, Mar 9, 2012
        Help needed for reading/organizing abstracts.
      • Allentown Literacy Center Storybook Breakfast
        Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012
        Time: 8:00am
      • New English Club Reading – The Hunger Games
        Begins: Wed, 22 Feb, 2012
        Time: 6:00pm
        Location: The Tavern
      • Junior Officer Positions
        If you’re interested in a postion, please email us.
      • T-shirt Sale coming up…possibly
      • Mickey Hess
        Date: Thu, Mar 1, 2012
        Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm
        Location: MSU President’s Room
      • Writing Workshop?
        Date: Tue, Feb 28, 2012
        Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
        Location: Old Main 132
      • African-American Reading
        Great turnout!
        Do we want to organize our own reading?

      Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2012
      Time: 11:00am
      Room: Lytle 206
      If you have ideas, let us know! We want to incorporate new activities! Remember: This is yourEnglish Club.

      • Local Author: We are thrilled to have Mickey Hess join us this semester. He is an Associate Professor at Rider University who teaches Creative Writing and Hip-hop & American Culture.
      • Community Service:
        – Olivet Boys and Girls Club – contact Moe
        – First Book – contact Ashley
        – Poetry Contest/Reading – contact Chris
        – Adult Literacy Center (Allentown) Storybook Breakfast – contact Dr. Pokory-Golden
      • Fundraising – contact Moe
      • ENG-related Events:
        – Writing Workshops – contact Chelsea
        – EAPSU Conference – contact Chelsea or Ashley
        – African-American Read-In – contact Dr. Blaque
      • Just For Fun
        – Challenge Book – contact Chris
        – Ultimate Frisbee Tournament (Faculty vs. Students)

        Date: Thu, 1 Dec, 2011
        Time: 11am
        Room: Lytle 206

        • Challenge Book
          Next Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2011
          Location: Basin Street Hotel
          Next Semester’s Schedule Coming Soon
        • Dixon Creamery
          Not sure how we did yet.
        • Screening of Race to Nowhere
          Date: Mon, 5 Dec, 2011
          Time: 5:00pm
          Cost: $3 donation
        • Officer Elections
          Pres: Chelsea
          VP: Chris
          Treasurer: Moe
          Secretary: Ashley
        • Writing Workshop?
          Date: tba
          Time: tba
          Location: tba
        • Event Planning
          Use of Bear Essentials
          Use of Keystone
        • EAPSU English Conference: Beneath the Sewers of Respectability
          Date: Sat, 7 Apr, 2012
          Time: 9:00am
          Help needed, it’s in the planning stages now.
        • Honors Program Symposium
          Contact Alberto for more information.
        • NEXT SEMESTER:
          First Official Meeting
          Date: Thu, 2 Feb, 2012EVENTS:
          Middle School Poetry
          Speaker Events
          Community Involvement Events

        Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011
        Time: 11am
        Room: Lytle 206

        • Dixon Creamery
          Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2011
          Time: 4-11pm; shift sign-up
          Flavor: A Christmas Caramel (vanilla softserve, hot fudge, caramel sauce, and brownie)
          Flyers will be posted soon!
        • Elections & Final Meeting: Thu, Dec 1, 2011
            Officer Positions/Responsibilities


        • Executive Officers: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary:
          MUST be members of Sigma Tau Delta
          MUST maintain 3.0 QPA for duration of term
          (term equals one semester)
        • Junior Officers: Fundraising, Technology, Community Service, Publicity & Recruiting, Parliamentarian
          Looking to make them a more active part of the executive board
          Looking for committed members; we are really trying to expand membership!
      • Copia
        Has anyone checked out the site or registered an account? If you have, would you be willing to do a one-paragraph write-up reviewing the product? I’d like to email comments/suggestions to Christina Becker
      • Quilt/Banner

      Date: Thu, Nov 3, 2011
      Time: 11am
      Room: Lytle 206

      • Involvement
        First Book
        Challenge Book
        Novel Writing Month – November
        Book Drive – Sigma Tau Delta, General
        Copia – Christina Becker
        Quilt/Banner Project
      • Hang quilt in Lytle Hall
        “Favorite Author/Book” Patches
      • Writing Workshop
        Date: Oct 17
        For KU students working on final drafts of papers
        Fellow students offering editing help, suggestions, etc.
        “An extra set of eyes”
      • Fundraising:
        • SUB/Bake Sales
          Oct 20 & Oct 25: 10am-2pm (by the One Card Office)
        • Dorney Park
        • Ideas
      • Sigma Tau Delta (membership and conference/paper/scholarship opportunities)
        Conference/Papers/Scholarship opportunities

        • Convention submission deadline November 1st
          Scholarship and award applications due November 8th
      • Website:

      Date: Thu, Oct 13, 2011
      Time: 11am
      Room: Lytle 206

      • Challenge Book: Infinite Jest
        Start Date: Oct 20
        Time and Place?
      • Writing Workshop
        Date: Oct 17
        For KU students working on final drafts of papers
        Fellow students offering editing help, suggestions, etc.
        “An extra set of eyes”
      • Fundraising:
        • SUB/Bake Sales
          Oct 20 & Oct 25: 10am-2pm (by the One Card Office)
        • Dorney Park
        • Ideas
      • Sigma Tau Delta (membership and conference/paper/scholarship opportunities)
        Conference/Papers/Scholarship opportunities

        • Convention submission deadline November 1st
          Scholarship and award applications due November 8th
      • Website:
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